Sunday, January 31, 2010

A walk on Saturday morning in Castletownshend

We went for a walk. We got about 100 feet from the door and went down onto the beach which was now at low tide. We ended up staying there for about an hour just poking around picking up broken pottery and sea glass. I picked up some lovely sea glass for my friend Diane who makes jewelry and I hoped to make some jewelry with the pottery shards as gifts for my friends and family. I would of course wash it thoroughly before going through customs. We both filled our pockets. just like kids really, quite silly.
We went back up to the room to empty our pockets and have a bathroom break before continuing our walk. Then, refreshed, we headed off down the road and around the corner to find the church that was located up on the hill immediately behind the castle. It was a lovely walk right along the bay with big old trees and flowers of all kinds blooming.
There was a few bad patches that were quite muddy and a very muddy path that went up the hill but we thought that can't be the road.
Up and around the bend were some lovely newer homes who must have great views. Across the road from
these was a field with a mare and foal and we could see the
church but we could not get to it so we had obviously missed the
We were joined by two dogs a black lab and a golden retriever.
They were nice company for awhile. The sun was lovely and it changed the colour of the water on the bay to shades that were sometimes Caribbean almost.
We walked all around the field and back into town looking at the church across the field most of the way so we decided that we would make another try after dinner going a different route that we now knew would get us there. We stopped off at Maryanne's for the dessert we were too full to eat last night.
I had the Almond Pear Torte and Maureen had a Raspberry White Chocolate cheesecake. The presentation was fabulous and the taste Divine.
We ate outside on the patio at the back. While the sun was out it was hot but a cloud came over and rained on us so the staff opened up this large awning that covered most of the patio.
We moved Back out into the sun once the rain stopped and watched this little Blue Tit taking care of its family in some rocks in the corner. All very peaceful and lovely. We decided to have fries too and asked for them to be crispy. It is amazing that such a small town has such a great restaurant. It won the best seafood Restaurant in 2008, I think for all of the county and maybe the country.
We heard about a garage sale going on at Rose's cottage and decided to go. With directions from a few people at the restaurant we went and did not find it . We wandered here, we wandered there,
we found burros and boat launches, rocks and flowers and finally we found two ladies who told us where Roses's cottage was and we found that too. A very nice Dutch lady who was renting the cottage was helping out to raise money for the local Irish version of SPCA.
We purchased some little things that would fit into our suitcases Earrings , a small dish and two plates were my prizes.
We stayed for a cup of tea and were told about the roads to Skoal and Blatimore on our way to Cape Clear Island.
We had been all set to go to Skoal but the road sounded so scary that we decided to go to Baltimore instead.
She said the road into town was steeper than the road into Castletownshend! We then all went out and said Happy Birthday to John the landlord who had just put in a new wooden deck that the people of the town thought would attract rats. We all laughed.
Back up the hill and then down the hill on the other side to the castle to relax. I did postcards and journaling sitting at the table outside in the sunshine with the bay 10 feet away.

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  1. Well Dennie, I was definetly with you with the Sea Shard and sea the stuff, when you got to the desserts, "Oh MY". You had me wishing I was there with you to partake. Then the castle..stirred the historical, I want to know and see. What a great adventure. Thanks for sharing's always great traveling through others when you can't do it yourself. Happy Travels!

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon